Performer 1000  by Elkmann
With the Performer 1000 we developed a car for the racetrack which combines performance of a supersportscar at the costs of a motorbike. Due to its simple design we were able to achieve a very low weight of approx.. 290 kgs. Low weight is resulting in an exceptional well balanced handling. The combination of lower panels and spoilers enables side accelerations of more than 2.5g. The Performer 1000 gained top speeds of 240km/h on the racetrack of Hockenheim which is similar to Supersportscars and GT class cars. The robust and light weight Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K5 / K7 engine received modifications on its oilsystem to ensure a constant oilpressure.  The engine is capable to accelerate the car from 0 to 200km/h in less than 12 secs. The typical life expectancy of this engine is about 60000km in Motorbikes. Assuming that operation on racetracks at an average of 80% load reduces the lifetime to 20% even then the engine is good for about 12000km (or 3 Years). 
Weight approx. 290kgs depending on configuration
Rims: Front 6x10inch, Rear 8x10 inch
Hoosier Tires    Front 6x10 inch, Rear 7,5 x10 inch
Engine Suzuki GSXR 1000  180 PS bei 12.0000 U / Min - 118 Nm bei 10.000 U/Min - 95 Db !
sequential 6 shift gear, Display with shift, oiltemp, water temp, voltage, adjusted speed signal AIM optional at extra charge
Acceleration 0-200km/h : less than12 secs
Max Speed: approx. 240km/h
Rolling Chassis
17800€ incl. Tax
without Engine

Suzuki GSX-R 1000
4990€ incl Tax
used, new crankshaft bearings
Vehicle complete
28500€ incl. Tax
with Enigne GSX-R
We ship directly to the racetrack and put the car in operation together with our customers. Training will be carried out directly at the track.
All Spareparts are available off the shelf to ensure immediate repair.

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